Fake News? Or Ignoring Science?

Fake News? Or Ignoring Science?

Ok, so if it was not such a serious matter, it might be entertaining. Tweeting or posting on facebook your personal opinion or feelings is totally normal.  But the fact that there is so much misinformation being disseminated and misrepresented as fact from so many outlets, is extremely troubling, just when we really all need to be on the same page to have the best chance at battling what may be our generation’s biggest challenge – human-caused Climate Change.

This phenomenon, that seems illogical to me, but seems to persist, where a significant number of fellow Americans seem to be satisfied with choosing to get their news only from channels that reinforce beliefs they have established over time, while ignoring evidence to the contrary, may very well be the hardest thing our country has ever faced.  Think about it. we have certainly faced extreme hardship and conflict in the past, such as WWII or the horror of 9/11, but our response in most of our challenges was based in facts, and following the leadership or guidance of experts.

Presently, we seem to have an alarming number of “leaders” that are in severe denial of scientific facts.  Instead, these individuals choose confusion or deflection when addressing these challenges.

While this is very disturbing, it is also fascinating to see an unexpected consequence of this approach. While the president has announced his intent to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord, and by doing so making the US the only county IN THE WORLD opposed to it, there clearly has been a boomerang effect where State and Municipal governments, villages, corporations, non-profits, and individual citizens have themselves committed to exceeding the goals contained in the agreement!

If you are reading this, please, don’t just take my word for it. Commit to being objective while you collect facts from legitimate sources, reason through any questions or doubts that you have, be honest and true to yourself, and then act.

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Ken Nadsady

Founder, AviSun Renewable Energy