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The time has never been better to Go Solar in Ohio!  The cost of solar generation systems has decreased dramatically over the last 5 years, while at the same time efficiencies have increased. The price of electricity from Ohio utilities has steadily risen over the last 15 years, and that trend is expected to continue. If you have been considering generating your own electricity using the free energy source that is our sun, why wait any longer?  There is a 30% investment tax credit currently available that will help pay for your system, but it will not be around forever. Contact AviSun today to get started!


Adding solar to your business can be a smart investment.  The vast majority of consumers believe we should be generating more electricity using environmentally friendly and sustainable sources like solar energy.  Forward-looking companies are going green in all sorts of ways, and increasingly installing solar to differentiate themselves from competitors and show their customers that they care about the environment and their community.  But it is not just about corporate responsibility and image.  Forty percent of the energy consumed in the United States is used to operate our buildings.  Companies that invest in the energy efficiency of their buildings, whether it be high efficiency lighting, building automation, heating and cooling systems, or solar electric generation systems will realize significant savings which will positively impact their bottom line. This will be even more apparent as energy costs rise over the next decade and beyond. If you own a business, why would you want your competitors to have an advantage over you?  Call AviSun today for a free consultation to see if solar is right for your business.


Are you looking for information to help you decide if solar makes sense for your home and your  situation?  You are not alone. The truth is, there is a lot of misinformation out there that can cause confusion when considering if solar is right for you.  At AviSun, we want to eliminate the confusion, because we believe it is important for consumers to understand if going solar is right for their specific situation. So let's get started.

  1. Do you own your home?
  2. Does your roof, or your lot (solar can be installed on the ground too) get sun between 9am and 3pm?
  3. Do you want to reduce your energy bills?

If the answers to the above are yes, then you may in an ideal position for installing a solar electric generation system.  Call us for a free consultation to see if solar makes sense for you.

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Our mission is to champion for a sense of stewardship for our natural world – the Earth – and instill in ourselves and others the important responsibility we have to preserve it for future generations. One effective way to pursue this mission is by encouraging everyone to change how their energy is generated. We are very good at designing and installing high quality solar generation systems.  By harvesting enough of the free energy literally raining down on us every day, we can move away from environmentally damaging sources like coal and gas and reverse the damage done to our only world. But we all need to act now.  

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