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Welcome to AviSun Renewable Energy.

There is an energy source that is free, that will never be exhausted, and that is so abundant that just one year's worth of it's output supplies more than twice as much energy as all the earth's non-renewable resources of coal, oil, natural gas, and mined uranium, combined.  That energy source is the solar energy that falls upon the surface of our planet, from our sun.

We at AviSun are passionate about delivering clean, sustainable, energy generation systems to our customers that harness the energy from the sun, lowering energy costs while at the same time reducing the impact we have on our environment.

We strive to achieve and sustain a reputation for well-engineered, reliable solar electric and solar hot water systems made from quality components.  AviSun Renewable Energy covers the entire northern Ohio region, serving homeowners and businesses, schools, municipalities, and even churches.  Every renewable energy generation system we deliver is designed and constructed specifically for each site and to meet the needs of each customer.

If you got here because you are curious about solar, then welcome! You will find answers to your questions and the basics of how solar electric and solar hot water generations systems work in our Learn Solar pages. If you have been thinking about generating your own energy from our greatest renewable resource - the sun, then visit our Go Solar pages and let us show you how AviSun can make your dream a reality!  Or contact us now for a free consultation and site assessment.
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